Online Ticketing
Resource was formed in 2003 as a service to the Jewish Community in order to enable Concert enthusiasts an efficient way to locate upcoming concerts and purchase tickets. Back then it was practically impossible to find information on events especially for people living outside the NY metropolitan area.

Since then we've sold thousands of tickets to hundreds of events all across America. Although we deal mainly within the United States, we've sold tickets to concerts in Israel and other countries.

At first we offered full scale ticket solutions including actual ticket sales, fulfillment and phone sale services. However, due in part to the multiple requirements of event managers, for example, selling tickets in multiple locations, or group ticket sales etc, we found it was beneficial to supply the ticket sales technology directly to the event organizers and allow them to sell tickets from their ticket office utilizing our ticket sales technology.

It is important to note that we do not endorse or research the events that are posted on our site. The relationship of ticket sales and purchases are between the event organizer and customer. If you are using tzedakah monies for your purchases or wish to support the organization hosting the event please conduct your own research, the fact that the event is posted on our site is by no means an endorsement of said organization or tzedakah fund.

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